The Metaphysics of “Upload”

Human beings are more than the molecules in their brain

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“You know, in 30 years, we’ll be able to upload ourselves to a computer,” my seven-year-old daughter says as we walk around the neighborhood. Our dog darts through my legs and I try not to trip over the leash; my six-year-old son’s grip is the only thing protecting a nearby cat. The three-year-old keeps up. Perfect moment for philosophy.

“That’s called transhumanism,” I respond, “and it’s not possible, no matter the advances in technology.” She moved on, as seven-year-olds do, but I was stuck with a horrifying thought: We could live forever on the internet.

Horrifying in real life, perhaps, but still entertaining.

We saw that in Upload, a genre-bending, romance-comedy-drama meets science fiction show on Amazon Prime created by Greg Daniels of The Office and Parks and Recreation. [keep reading]

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